The old man on the stairs…

Australia, I love that you care.

An old man stood on the stairs all by himself in the sun. While I was walking towards to him, a woman jumped out of her car and just asked him, what he was waiting for.

„A taxi… The last one didn’t except my card“, he answered.

„Did he ordered a new one?“

„I don’t know…“

Meanwhile an Uber driver arrived and asked who ordered him. Everyone shrugged.

A man, who heard the conversation came, and asked, where the old man wants to go. After the suburb was mentioned everyone tried to figure out who will drive somewhere around there and could bring the white bearded home.

The uber driver decided to do so. He could get a new ride there, he said.

„Shall I book that then for you?“, the woman asked the driver.

„No… I’ll not charge him.“

Meanwhile a boy came out of the library and asked for the uber driver.

„I’ll drive him home, okay? But it’s the opposite direction, first“, was the answer.

„Oh, no, it’s ok. He needs that, I can wait and get another uber“, he replied not thinking even as second.

National library of Australia – front stairs

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